What? - Why? - When?

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the very first digital currency platform. Bitcoin users can do peer-to-peer transactions from their bitcoin wallet. It is said to be fully secure and safe.

Bitcoin also allows you to purchase goods and services among several online sites and physical stores. Bitcoin is decentralized which means it isn't controlled by anyone on the top of the chain.


Bearish behaviour of bitcoin is due to change in demand of bitcoin which has substantially decreased over the year 2018. The highest price of bitcoin was recorded $19,783.06 in 17 Dec 2017.

Whether it's a bullish and bearish, we can never predict the behaviour of the bitcoin market.

When Will It Rise?

As I said "bitcoin is unpredictable", it really is! We can never predict the market movement of bitcoin. Certain cryptocurrency traders try to predict the market using their graph analysis skills.

Now comes the question, can we make money off bitcoin? The answer is "absolutely yes" but it is a risky thing to to which could bring or take up your fortune worth of savings. If you going to investing like me, Good Luck!